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Have you seen this article? It made me laugh. Some Professor did a… - hp_fictalk: HP fanfic discussion and review

About Have you seen this article? It made me laugh. Some Professor did a…

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Have you seen this article? It made me laugh. Some Professor did a study about Harry Potter readers. He concluded that the reader types broke down into 4 groups.

'Hufflepuff' readers take the tales at a slow, steady and systematic pace and enjoy re-reading the books over and over.
'Gryffindor' readers are eager and energetic and will devour the latest Potter book in one sitting, but quickly move on to new things.
'Ravenclaws' are subversive and take the stories with a pinch of salt, while 'Slytherin' readers are not fussed about the books.They prefer the films but pretend to have read the books when it suits them.

He said that the Revenclaws are the ones that write fanfiction and all that jazz. That made me wonder if that was true. Now I have been sorted into every house, but Gryffindor, so I guess I can be a Revenclaw. Are all the people in fandom a bunch of Ravenclaws? I would like to think that we are a more diverse group of people than that.
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Date:October 23rd, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
Here via the Quibbler Report (in case you wondered).

And, much like Sorting in the books themselves, how many people can be pidgeon-holed into one House? *grins* What happens if you devour the latest book in one sitting, then enjoy re-reading them over and over, and each time take the stories with a different pinch of salt?

I read the article and I have to wonder, if a Professor from a Business School thinks that investment shouldn't be made in the Harry Potter brand because the fans are beginning to lose interest, why is a Hogwarts theme park (or whatever it is) being built?

As for people will look back and say 'Why did we ever read this stuff?' - people who enjoy reading tend to look back with fondness at what books they used to like, and not all book-lovers are Ravenclaws, or has Professor Brown never heard of Hermione Granger?

Mostly I'm just amused. I mean, what House would Professor Brown Sort himself into then?
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