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This is a community for literary discussion of Harry Potter fanfics. This can include characterization, literary techniques and tropes, genres and subjects, but all must be in the context of fanfiction. No discussions about canon not in the context of fic, about fanfiction or writing in general (rather than in terms of specific fics), or about literary criticism in general. All types of stories - gen, het, and slash - may be discussed. Please note that this may include discussion of sexually explicit stories. Nobody is required to participate in discussions that they are uncomfortable with.

Anyone may read the community discussions, but only members may post. We have changed the rules so that nonmembers may comment, but they must be LJ users. Although membership is open, joining hp_fictalk means that you agree to abide by the following rules. Violators will be put on moderated status; repeat violators will be banned.

  • The first and most important rule is no personal comments about authors or other posters. "Don't insult anything that might conceivably insult you back."

  • Don't bring fic you hate to the table. No bringing up a fic in the discussion unless you have at least one positive aspect to comment on. If you want to shred a fic, join badficsupport.

  • Before you post about a fic, check the group memories to see if it has been discussed recently.

  • Give your posts meaningful subject lines. These will appear in the group index so readers can easily find past discussions.

  • The first mention of a fic in a post or comment must include a link to the fic or to an archive where it can be found. State the rating if it's R or NC-17.

  • Use lj-cuts to hide long posts, long quotes from a fic, or any NC-17 material.

  • Support your opinions - praise or criticism of any aspect of a fic must be supported with reasoning. Not just "Snape was out of character," but "I thought Snape was out of character; I just don't think it's believable he would warm to Harry that quickly."

  • This is not a writers' workshop; no pimping your own work. You may cite your own fic as an example within a topic under discussion, but you may not begin a thread on your own fic. The moderators will delete anything that looks like a blatant plug.

  • Authors of fics being discussed are requested to wait 24 hours before participating in the thread, unless a question is specifically directed at the author. Authors are encouraged (but not required) to make their comments in a separate post, rather than in the discussion thread. Authors are held to the same standards as everyone else; those who react personally to criticism which meets group guidelines will have their comments moderated or deleted.

  • Your fic might be discussed; the author of the fic you're discussing might be reading your comments. Be polite and remember that we are discussing the fic, not the writer.

This community is run by darththalia and isiscolo.

While the moderators may suggest general topics and start some discussions, anyone may post at any time about any subject which is on-topic for the group. Discussion should take place in comments; since posts will scroll off your friendspage in a day or two, you can use the hp_fictalk journal to find quick links to recent discussions. If a discussion moves significantly away from the original topic, consider starting a new post for it.

We also run the Fic Talk Book Club (FTBC) where occasionally a "classic" story is taken from suggestions and then read and discussed.